Determined to become carbon-neutral, but you don't know how to act?

Neutralize your emissions which you can't reduce

  Practice shows that it is impossible to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to zero, no matter how hard we try.

  One of the biggest causes of environmental degradation is greenhouse gas emissions, especially  CO2 emissions, which are increased by all our activities requiring energy usage.

   Carbon dioxide is one of the most damaging greenhouse gases. So, what does the greenhouse effect mean? At first, the rays of the sun arrive in the Earth's atmosphere. Concurrently, the atmosphere reflects those, but not as much of them as it should.

   In other words, the atmosphere traps the rays of the sun, as in a foil tent or greenhouse.  As a result, this is what causes global heating on Earth.

  What is it that can really help? Are there any projects that can neutralize our carbon emissions?

   There is a solution that not for calming our conscience only, but for a real contribution to solving global issues amid climate emergency.

   Climate protection projects are present globally for forest conservation, the installation of wind farms, hydroelectric power, and establish biomass plants, fuel exchange programs, and to curb population explosion.

 The activities of these projects are to reduce CO2 emissions and atmospheric pollution or produce renewable energy and help cut back the need for fossil energy production were verified by accredited third parties.

Now it is your turn to neutralize those your CO2 emissions you could not eliminate
any other way only by purchasing high-quality carbon offsets.

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