"Europeans eat twice as much meat as the global average"

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"The amount of meat eaten in Europe needs to drop 81 per cent by 2050 if we are to reach emissions targets for farming, according to a new analysis by Greenpeace.

Using figures from the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the NGO found that Europeans eat around twice as much meat as the global average and roughly three times as much dairy. The Spainish came out on top as the biggest meat buyers with an average of over 100kg per person per year.

The country eating the least meat was Bulgaria at 58kg, but this comparatively low figure was still higher than the Greenpeace recommendation. Calculations call for an initial cutback to 24kg by 2030 and then 16kg by 2050, an amount that works out as roughly three portions the size of a deck of cards every week." ~Rosie Frost @Euronews
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