"What is the carbon footprint?"

The carbon-neutral website is one of the best places to demonstrate your commitment to curb the climate crisis.

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"The repercussions of climate change and the ensuing environmental commitment made by governments, the business community, and society as a whole have produced an onslaught of various terms that amount to a full glossary bound by sustainability. Carbon footprint is one of these terms.

In the fight against climate change, it is essential to understand what is meant by a carbon footprint. Human activity, specifically our energy consumption related to things like electricity or transportation, in many cases causes us to use fossil fuels, and in doing so we emit gases like carbon dioxide and methane. We thus increase the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere beyond what would be their normal levels. These types of gases, due to their chemical composition, absorb a portion of the heat that reaches us from the sun; as a result, the Earth’s average temperature rises more than it would under natural conditions." ~Teresa Andrés Blanco @BBVA
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