"COVID-19 is a practice run for climate change"

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COVID-19 is a practice run for climate change. Read the full article by Kate Kressmann-Kehoe at Rochester Beacon. Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner, greener business and lifestyle. First, make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral by a self-service carbon offsetting at https://en.zeroco2.cf/#recent

"Refrigerated trucks parked outside hospitals, being loaded up with bodies. Nurses wearing garbage bags to protect themselves against a lethal virus. Health systems in crisis in New York, Italy, and Brazil. Gun-carrying protestors overrunning statehouses in the U.S. Nearly one out of five in the American workforce unemployed. The economic future a complete unknown. 

All these things seemed unimaginable, but they are happening right now because of COVID-19. 

In fact, these things were not in fact unimaginable. They were imagined by epidemiologists, and tested in simulations, from which we were to make plans. Yet we were unprepared, because we didn’t listen, and didn’t do the expensive and complicated things needed to at least mitigate the situation." ~Kate Kressmann-Kehoe @Rochester Beacon