"Intel aiming for carbon-neutral PC within the next decade"

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Intel aiming for carbon-neutral PC within the next decade. Read the full article by Colm Gorey @SiliconRepublic. Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner, greener business and lifestyle. First, make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral by a self-service carbon offsetting at https://en.zeroco2.cf/#recent

"As part of its new environmental strategy, Intel is aiming to build a carbon-neutral PC that eliminates waste in its design and use.

Intel has published its annual corporate responsibility report, revealing how it performed in its targets for 2020 and what it hopes to achieve by 2030. On the issue of environmental sustainability, the company said it had reached most of its targets for this year, including a 39pc reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per unit compared to 2010 and having no hazardous waste sent to landfills.

It also said it reached its goal of having 71pc of the company powered by renewable energy globally. However, one area where it did not meet its goal was in increasing the efficiency of its notebook computers and data centre production by a factor of 25 compared to 2010 levels. Instead, it only achieved a 14-times increase." ~Colm Gorey @SiliconRepublic