"Over one million Europeans want a green recovery"

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Over one million Europeans want a green recovery. Read the full article by Mauro Anastasio @European Environmental Bureau. Carbon offsetting is vital to your cleaner, greener business and lifestyle. First, make your website and lifestyle carbon-neutral by a self-service carbon offsetting at https://en.zeroco2.cf/#recent

"A petition calling for a green recovery fund to rebuild Europe’s economies reaches more than one million signatures as budget talks take centre stage in Brussels.

EU leaders will soon sketch out Europe’s long-term response to the covid-19 crisis. For now, we know that Europeans want to paint it green.

1.2 million people have joined an appeal for the EU to launch “the biggest green investment plan the world has ever seen” today.

Sign the petition on avaaz, WeMove Europe, or SumOfUs

The fund needs to help people pull through the covid-19 crisis, create new jobs and make our economy more resilient to future shocks resulting from the ongoing climate and environmental crises, the NGOs behind the petition said." ~Mauro Anastasio @European Environmental Bureau